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Using the Purest of ingredients - Extensive Product Range for all skin types - 

Award Winning

Janssen Cosmetics Secrets Facial (without eye treatment) £40

Janssen Cosmetics Secrets Facial (with Collagen Eye Treatment)  £45 

Customised specially for you and your skin

Janssens Secret Facial fo​r Mature Skin

Are you feeling tired, stressed ? Is your skin taking impact for it? 

 We can help by rejuvenating, revitalising, hydrating your skin no matter what your skin type or age with Janssen Cosmetics Facial using rich cream masks or gel masks, complex’s and facial exfoliants.  

Janssens Secret Facial for Sensitive sk

All of our Janssen Secrets Facials include  'Nina's Stress Reliever Massage'  which will leave you on another level on complete bliss!

Janssens Secrets Facial for Oily Skin

Janssens Cosmetics offers an extensive range of award winning and pharmacy grade skin care products. Using the purest ingredients and no matter the skin type, Janssen Cosmetics guarantee results

Janssens Secret Facial for Dry Skin

Why a Janssens Cosmetics Facials? 

 Well we only choose the best products for our clients

Janssens Secret Facial for Demanding Skin

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